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breads remains with the essence of the old scchool aroma and taste that we enjoyed as kids.

Our cakes and treats, made from scratch carries all the ingredients and love that can capture any celebraton or just put a smile on any face

Our savory items are enhanced with local herbs and vegetables that ensures a rich delightful taste

Our breakfast is made to get your morning going and secure you through the day

The Right Selecao Bakery was founded by Kevin & Anastasia Lewis in 2016, with the goal to provide quality affordable products to the community and also to leave a legacy for their young family.


Over the years, we have become a favourite within our community with our breads, cakes, pastries and breakfast selection.


Ever- evolving, we have made becoming a household name our goal and have since expanded our offering to our frozen foods section.


We take alot of pride in creating a friendly family environment that connects us to our customers daily and make us The Right Selecao for you!

Frozen Section

Our frozen section can be a compliment to any gathering or a joy for you while you work from home, either way it is truly a great addition to your plans

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Welcome to The Right Selecao Bakery where you get Quality....Service without request

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